Vibeke Vasbo

Photograph of Vibeke Vasbo

Danish author Vibeke Vasbo lived in Hull for four years while married to the Danish seamen’s chaplain. She is the author of highly acclaimed, prize-winning novels, poetry, essays, short stories, literary criticism, radio essays, and lectures. She has also appeared numerous times on Danish television and radio, and she has frequently been interviewed in the print media – not only about her writing, but also about various aspects of her life and political activism: working as a crane driver in Oslo, for example, and her pioneering work in the Women’s Movements. Vibeke Vasbo has been active in the Danish Writers’ Association.

More information about Vibeke Vasbo can be found on her Wikipedia page.

  • The Song of Hild

    by Vibeke Vasbo and Gaye Kynoch (translator) ★★★★

    Paperback £14.99 £12.99
    ISBN: 978-1-910519-86-8

    Translated from the #1 Danish Bestseller, this is a gritty, powerful story about the prominent role women played in the spread of Christianity in seventh-century Britain. Be are drawn into a world of dark dealings, powerful patriarchy and religious wrangling...

    The Song of Hild - product image

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