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After the Holiday

GUEST BLOG: Luke Miller, author of our recent release A Life-Long Springtime, introduces us to Fr George Congreve’s wisdom about transforming the disappointment that can often follow the holiday season into joyful hope in God and expectation of the future. “After the holidays a…

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Lament vs. Protest

GUEST BLOG: As part of our January #ThemeOfTheMonth John Holdsworth, author of Honest Sadness: Lament in a Pandemic Age, wonders about the difference between lament and protest and discusses the ways in which lament can be an antidote to denial. What’s the difference between lament a…

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January #ThemeOfTheMonth: Lament

As we draw a line under another year that has been uncertain and painful for many we have asked two of our authors to share their thoughts on lament as part of our January #ThemeOfTheMonth John Holdsworth, author of Honest Sadness: Lament in a Pandemic Age, debates the difference between lament…

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