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Reverted Rights & Out of Print

Have you published a title with another publisher only for it to go out of print or the rights revert to you? Sacristy Press would be interested in discussing the re-publication of your workcontact us now. As we work on the basis of Print on Demand (POD), your work will only ever go out of print when the time is right.

E-book Rights

If your book was published before the days of e-books, or you specifically retained e-book rights within your publishing contract, Sacristy Press would love to hear from you. We produce high-quality e-books for distribution over a number of platforms (including Kindle, iTunes, Kobo, nook, and Google Play).

Sacristy Press is a co-operative publisher. This means that most of the books we publish require a subvention from the author to jointly support the initial production costs (such as typesetting, editorial work, and production). However, the subventions are considerably lower than the costs of publishing the book yourself, and we are selective about the titles we publish.

As a result, we can often offer authors a higher royalty than might be received elsewhere – up to 20% of net receipts, depending upon the nature of the work, your initial contribution, and the expected return on investment. 

Why publish with us?

  • Our editorial process is a collaboration between the editor, designer, and author allowing you to have maximum input and attentive feedback.
  • We usually publish to e-book stores at the same time as the paper version goes to print, allowing for rapid market integration and consumer accessibility.
  • The paper version of your book is printed via Print on Demand, so it never goes out of print (subject to contract status and market conditions) and there are no large and costly print runs.
  • E-books are priced to encourage high volume sales.
  • Titles are marketed extensively via social media and other channels.
  • Your title can be made available not only in the UK, but additionally in other markets worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.
  • E-books are available in the widest possible selection of markets and platforms.
  • Authors are able to order from us at trade terms (i.e. a significant discount; subject to contract).

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