UPDATED: The Christian Booksellers dispatching books during Coronavirus Lockdown

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Christian bookshops are fighting for their survival. Now more than ever they need us to shop with them. Despite having to close their doors, many are keeping their ministry alive by offering home delivery or click-and-collect during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Sacristy Press has compiled a list of the bricks-and-mortar Christian retailers who are still dispatching books or offering click-and-collect (last updated 19/11/2020). If you can, please do order from them direct by phone, email or web. They will be grateful for your support.

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Our friends up the road at the Lindisfarne Scriptorium are still taking orders for their beautiful art and books inspired by the ancient Celtic traditions of Holy Island.

If you know of a (bricks-and-mortar) Christian bookshop that is offering delivery and not on the list, we’d love to hear from you. Email the details to enquiries@sacristy.co.uk. We will consider inclusion of bricks-and-mortar Christian bookshops who sell books from a variety of publishers direct to consumers and are taking web, email or phone orders during lockdown. 

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