The Roman Catholic Bishops of Lancaster: Celebrating the Centenary 1924–2024


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Format: Paperback (148 pages)

Publisher: Sacristy Press

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ISBN: 978-1-78959-300-6

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​In the century since its founding in 1924, the Roman Catholic diocese of Lancaster has had seven bishops and one auxiliary bishop. In a series of biographical portraits, Paul Severn tells the story of each of the bishops, explores their background and their impact on the life of the diocese in a century of change in the Church and in the wider world.

Looking back on a century that has seen two world wars, profound changes in society, the “revolution” of the Second Vatican Council, increasing secularization and declining numbers of those attending church, and the beginnings of synodality, he reflects on the lives of the individual bishops and also on the role and responsibility of Roman Catholic bishops in the twenty-first century.

This is the first comprehensive history of the diocese, its bishops and its partner diocese of Monze, and includes biographical portraits of all bishops of Lancaster to date.

About the Author

​Born and bred in Oxford, Paul taught mathematics for many years in a variety of independent schools. Now living on the Isle of Wight, he has developed an interest In Ecclesiastical History and in particular a biographical interest in English Catholic bishops.

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