Alan Race

Photograph of Alan Race

Alan Race is a retired Anglican priest-theologian. He is a member and trustee of Modern Church, a leading voice in the movement for progressive and liberal Christian theological thought. As well as being a former Chair of Trustees and Council of Modern Church, he is also currently Chair of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Faiths, an international interfaith organization promoting reflection in interfaith theology and practical collaboration on issues of community and social cohesion, and Editor of the journal Interreligious Insight. He is the author and editor of numerous books and articles in the field of the Christian Theology of Religions and Interfaith Dialogue.

His most recent book is My Journey as a Religious Pluralist: a Christian Theology of Religions Reclaimed (Wipf & Stock, 2021). His first book, Christians and Religious Pluralism (SCM Press, 1983) is a foundational reference text for understanding the typological categories of Exclusivism, Inclusivism, and Pluralism in theology of religions discourse. He has been a member of national and local committees dealing with interfaith relations, and has worked with the World Council of Churches and addressed international conference gatherings around the world on themes connected to interreligious theology and dialogue.

Throughout his career, he has always combined pastoral ministry with theological education and the training of ordinands for the Anglican Ministry. He has taught Christian Doctrine for the Southwark Ordination Course as well as lead courses for lay study accreditation. He is a member of the European Academy of Religion. He represented the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Russian Orthodox Conference in Moscow, 1988, celebrating the millennium of the ROC and gave a paper on the Peacemaking Theology of the ROC.

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