Catherine Bird

Photograph of Catherine Bird

Having previously worked in social policy and research in the voluntary sector, Cathy was ordained as a Presbyter in the Methodist Church in 1997. A Londoner to the core, she has worked in Tottenham, Kings Cross, and Marylebone (where she also served as part of the ecumenical Chaplaincy Team at the University of Westminster.)

She is currently Superintendent of the Methodist Church in the London Borough of Hackney, where, among many things, she co-ordinates the movement to have Hackney accredited as a ‘Borough of Sanctuary’ as part of the national ‘City of Sanctuary’ campaign.

Cathy served for 15 years as part of the World Methodist Council during which she Chaired its Committee for Social and International Affairs and is an experienced Spiritual Director and leader of retreats, including in 2013,  for  Embrace (formerly Biblelands). Cathy is an experienced writer of liturgy and hymns and her work has been used widely in various forms of worship and published in ‘The Preacher’ (Journal of the College of Preachers), ‘Magnet’ and the Methodist Recorder. She is currently the writer of study material for the story telling initiative ‘Applecart’. 

Cathy is an avid West Ham supporter and regularly presents in the new London Stadium. She also enjoys cooking, jazz music, film and theatre.

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The Empires of Things

A poem by Catherine Bird, inspired by God’s People and the Seduction of Empire by Graham Turner and written during the COVID-19 pandemic. We finally see the empires of things for what they are; purveyors of half truths at best – viral, clogging the lungs of those sma…

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The Womb of Advent

GUEST BLOG: The season of Advent is a particular gift in the northern hemisphere, even more so the further north you travel. The darkness of the season, the shorter days, the Winter Equinox (which comes in the heart of Advent)—all these things offer a very real and present reminder of the wo…

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VIDEO: The Divine Heart of Darkness - a book launch for all the senses

There was music. There was art. There was even Divine dark chocolate. This was a book launch for all the senses. We streamed it live on Facebook, and you can watch it right here... Catherine Bird’s beautiful and profound book “The Divine Heart of Darkness” is available from…

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Finding God in the Shadows

Darkness is not just night. It is twilight and dawn. It is shape and shadow. It is beyond and beneath. It is shelter and shade. It is It is power and powerlessness. It is divine reality not dread-full metaphor. Darkness paints and acts and sings and dances. Darkness guides and protests and …

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