Jennifer Denning

Photograph of Jennifer Denning

J. K. Denning was born in 1976 in Caversham, Reading, one of three siblings, and had a very happy upbringing in a Christian home. She studied English Literature at York University before training as an English teacher at Cambridge University. From a young age Jenny has loved reading and writing both poetry and prose.

She moved to Durham in 1999 for her first teaching job at Emmanuel College, Gateshead, where she taught English language and literature before leaving to become a full-time mum, Jenny and her husband John now have four children and Jenny is currently working as a part-time teaching assistant at a local primary school and enjoys writing in her spare time. Jenny attends Durham Presbyterian Church which plays an important part in her life.

From 2011 to 2015, Jenny was involved in setting up a Free School in Durham particularly to meet the needs of the poorly served ex-mining villages to the southeast of Durham City.

  • Broken Light

    by Jennifer Denning ★★★★★

    Paperback £14.99

    A powerful story of the timeless search for meaning, hope and love, set against the sea-haunted backdrop of Northumbria, drawing on the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of North East England.

    Broken Light - product image

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