Jenny Gage

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​​Having been a failed Baptist ordinand in the mid-70s, Jenny Gage was surprised (to put it mildly) when she experienced a renewed call to ministry in her mid-50s, by which time she was worshipping at Ely Cathedral. In 2009, she was ordained deacon in Ely Cathedral, followed by ordination as a priest in 2010.

She continued to work in education while serving her title as a part-time SSM curate in Ely Diocese. Needing to make sense of being a priest while still working in a secular capacity, she embarked on a professional doctorate, which came to fruition in 2019.

By this time, she had retired from secular employment, while continuing to work in education in a voluntary capacity until 2017. In the church, curacy was followed by two appointments as an associate priest in two groups of rural churches. In 2019, she became the Self-Supporting Minister for Social Justice at Ely Cathedral, a role she combined with being the Bishop’s Officer for Self-Supporting Ministry in Ely Diocese, serving on the Clergy Wellbeing Forum, and being an active granny to her three small grandchildren.

  • Priests in Secular Work: Participating in the “Missio Dei”

    by Jenny Gage

    Paperback £16.99

    A substantial theological exploration of priesthood in secular work and its significance for the future of the Church in the twenty-first century, in which Jenny Gage argues that priests in secular work (PSW) have a specific vocation, which is not to be subsumed under any church-based model of ordained ministry.

    Priests in Secular Work: Participating in the “Missio Dei” - product image

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