John Barnett

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​John Barnett was ordained in 1977 and worked in parish ministry in Birmingham and the Black Country until his retirement forty years later. In 2003, he was appointed to a group of parishes in Oldbury and Smethwick, and engagement with other faiths became an important part of his work. In 2009, he became Interfaith Officer for the Wolverhampton area of Lichfield Diocese. He advised the Bishops of Wolverhampton and Lichfield on interfaith matters and had oversight of Black Country Near Neighbours, a government-funded community cohesion programme which was rolled out across four metropolitan boroughs. For a number of years, he regularly worshipped at GKN Sikh gurdwara alongside his continuing Christian ministry until both were disrupted by COVID-19 regulations.

The (eventual) death-throes of identity politics

GUEST BLOG: As part of our March focus on unity in diversity John Barnett, author of Christian and Sikh: A Practical Theology of Multiple Religious Participation, encourages us to have hope that we are moving towards a future of greater acceptance of diversity. One of the very few hopeful …

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The Call to Multiple Religious Participation

GUEST BLOG: Why would a Christian priest choose to take part in a second religion’s worship? Is it right? In this blog, John Barnett details his path to multiple religious participation. A growing number of people in the UK are born into mixed-faith marriages, experiencing something that …

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