John Holdsworth

​​John Holdsworth is Honorary Director of Ministry in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf and Canon Theologian of the Anglican Cathedral in Nicosia.

Photograph of John Holdsworth

Lament vs. Protest

GUEST BLOG: As part of our January #ThemeOfTheMonth John Holdsworth, author of Honest Sadness: Lament in a Pandemic Age, wonders about the difference between lament and protest and discusses the ways in which lament can be an antidote to denial. What’s the difference between lament a…

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Meghan’s Lament

GUEST BLOG: What does the book of Lamentations have to do with the recent much-publicised TV interview with Meghan Markle? John Holdsworth wonders how long it will be before this is characterized as “Meghan’s Lament”. Like “furlough”, which was, within living memor…

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