Jon Grogan

Jon Grogan is a lawyer and lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. He is married with two children.

Photograph of Jon Grogan

Hunkering Down during Lockdown

GUEST BLOG: Jon Grogan reflects on how he has adapted his expectations over the past few weeks to maintain a healthy perspective on life in lockdown. I’m sure it’s a concern for many of us—this business of how we fit in to life during the coronavirus outbreak. It has certainly…

Added about 2 years ago.

Stress Behaving Badly

GUEST BLOG: What really is stress, and what constitutes a Christian reaction to it? #BookOfTheMonth author Jon Grogan explores this issue. I was waiting for a hospital appointment not that long ago and was vaguely aware of another patient raising a concern with a nearby nurs…

Added about 3 years ago.

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