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Sacrsity Press is pleased to announce that our growing library of works are now available for purchase via iTunes. An integrated electronic approach to publishing has always been an important part of our strategy and we are delighted to provide our authors and customers with such opportunities so rapidly. The move follows successful integration of electronic sales via Amazon (for use with Kindle) and a growing list of other online retailers.

Richard Hilton, Operations Director, said:

We've seen a significant shift in the past few years away from traditional markets in publishing. Certain market segments, such as Religion and History, tend to be regarded unfairly as being 'traditionalist' and 'stuffy'. With this move we seek to bring our books to a wider audience via new digital platforms and to allow our existing customers new opportunities to enjoy our products.

The first two Sacristy Press releases that can be found on iTunes are Perpetua and Spirit, the first two volumes in The Third Testament for the Third Millennium trilogy. As always, more new and exciting titles to follow!

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