Beyond Busyness: “Every newly-ordained deacon should be given a copy!”

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The Diocese of Wakefield has sent us a glowing review of Canon Stephen Cherry’s book  Beyond Busyness: Time Wisdom for Ministry:

There aren’t many people involved in ministry who would say they had no use for a book on organising their time better. Vicars, curates, archdeacons and bishops are busy people.

So, another book on time management then? Well, not really. Stephen Cherry’s reflections as a priest, cathedral canon and diocesan director of ministerial development have led him to develop the idea of time wisdom. He has thought deeply about time – from its scientific aspects to the mundane realities of the diary – tested his research on clergy and reflected on his own struggles.

Part of the genius of the approach taken here is the short two-page chapters – called sessions – but don’t be fooled, each packs a powerful punch. You can easily get to grips with one over a cuppa or as part of morning prayer, and the book is ideal for reading together with colleagues. Knowing how to communicate well, Stephen Cherry offers one main point per session, alongside a thought for the day and a challenging question to spur the reader to act. Halfway through, he changes the pace and reinforces his points by telling three stories. There are also a series of interludes touching on scripture, prayers, and disgestible chunks of theology.

Beyond Busyness is a valuable and practical resource – every newly-ordained deacon should be given a copy! It goes beyond the battles we have with our diaries towards nurturing a renewed engagement with the gift of time God gives to us all.

The Revd Keith Griffin
Team Vicar, Holy Trinity Holmfirth

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