Beyond Busyness “has transformed my life”!

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We always enjoy reading your feedback on our books, but this one we just had to share with you. It is an email from Sally Milner, Chaplain at the Northumberland Church of England Academy in Ashington:

I just wanted to say how great your book Beyond Busyness is. It has transformed my life and very much for the better.  The two-column “To Do and May Do list is a revelation that has freed up much productive time. I was already an avid fan of the list but that second column is marvellous.

The other chapter that has really struck a chord is  Monkey Business. I have fallen victim to this many times in the past but now (usualy) I can see the monkey coming and dodge it or pass it back.

I thought the layout was invisting and atractive and the reflective sections very helpful. As a school chaplain I have found it very useful and I am about to buy two more for church school head teachers.

Many thanks to Sally for allowing us to share this wonderful endorsement with you. Stephen Cherry’s Beyond Busyness is available as a paperback and e-book.

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