Eustace the Naughty Monk — Children's Fiction with a Twist

Added about 10 years ago by Sacristy Press

Eustace the Monk was a real person who lived in France in the Middle Ages. Monks usually spent their time praying and reading the bible but Eustace was not like that at all! People told lots of stories about Eustace because he had such an exciting life and everyone was scared of him. See if you can guess which of these stories were made up and which were true.

Sacristy Press has signed its first children’s author, Kat Bedford, who has written a short short about Eustace the Monk, in which young readers are encouraged to guess which tales are based on fact and which are false. Did he really get drunk and sing rude songs in church, or give the Count pies full of sticky tar so that they couldn't talk at the great banquet?

Find out when we publish The (True?) Story of Eustace the Monk!

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