The Judas Church: An Obsession With Sex

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Thanks to Tim Moulds for sending us this insightful review of Kevin Carey’s controversial book, The Judas Church.

The Judas Church: An Obsession With Sex, by Kevin CareyKevin Carey has given us a careful and thorough book, examining the key issues of social justice and sexual mores through the lens of the Bible. He looks at every Bible verse that bears on these two issues. He brings scholarship, prayer and compassion to his analysis. His presentation combines careful detail, and the broad picture.

Anyone who is interested in the theology of our concern for the poor and for social justice will be encouraged and better informed by reading The Judas Church.

The focus on sexual mores is topical: the book gives us a detailed, Bible based analysis for our Christian response to the current debate about homosexuality and, in particular, about priests who are homosexual. As well as the careful look at Scripture, the analysis also covers Church Tradition, Reason and Experience.

It is not surprising that the Judas Church, given its title, is radical in its conclusions. But it is also a book that believes in and cares for the Church. For a solid theological book, it is, surprisingly, a page turner – hard to put down until the end with its vivid, generous and hopeful direction for our future.

Tim Moulds
8 August 2014

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