Brexit and the Kingdom of God

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Brexit came as something of a shock to the nation and the world – even to many Leave voters. Two weeks on, six of our authors reflect on how, as a Christian nation, we can respond to the challenges and opportunities of leaving the European Union.

The past is another country
Stephen Cherry, Dean of King’s College, Cambridge

Who is my neighbour?
Catherine Pickford, contributor to Northern Gospel, Northern Church

Can Brexit serve the Common Good?
Andrew Lightbown, editor of Theonomics

An unknown future
Michael Sadgrove, Dean Emeritus of Durham

“I will pray for you” is not enough
Su Reid, contributor to Northern Gospel, Northern Church

A nasty campaign
Kevin Carey, Chairman of RNIB

Please note: Sacristy Press does not necessarily share or endorse the views of the guest contributors to this blog.

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