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The King James Bible has made an indelible impact on the English language and, on account of its majestic prose and memorable turn of phrase, it is still widely read today. The season of Lent makes a good opportunity to get to grips with this key part of our common heritage.

But where to start? There is probably no more succinct an introduction than The Writing on the Wall: Everyday Phrases from the King James Bible by Richard Noble (Sacristy Press, 2015), and this becomes an essential read. When it comes to matters of faith, there is a daunting amount of material out there.

Again, if like many others you need a simple book for Lent as an introduction to the Bible, look no further than The Writing on the Wall. An everyday phrase originating in the King James Bible is used as an introduction for each of the Bible’s many books, explaining both their nature and their setting in the Bible as a whole. The phrase’s origin in that book and its modern usage are then explored. This book can be dipped in and out of, is full of interest, has been well reviewed and has a light touch, requiring no prior familiarity with the scriptures.

On completion, you will have a good idea of both the shape of the Bible, as a whole, and the impact of The King James (or Authorised) version on our language and culture.

Matching the days in Lent and Advent, there are 40 phrases for the Old Testament and 25 for the New Testament.

The Writing on the Wall: Everyday Phrases from the King James Bible is available from our online shop, available as both paperback and e-book.  

The author, Richard Noble, has also created his own website dedicated to the book and his quest to find even more phrases from the King James Bible. 

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