October #BookOfTheMonth: The Writing on the Wall

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Our October #BookOfTheMonth is The Writing on the Wall, a fascinating book containing 65 well-known phrases that you probably didn't realise came from the King James Bible.

In today’s secular culture the Bible attracts little interest yet the story it holds moulded the values of western civilisation. Worldwide sales of the Bible far outstrip those of any other book; the developing world is hungry for copies, and volumes of new publications continue to expound its contents. The impact on English-speaking culture grew from the wide distribution of the King James Version (also known as the Authorized Version) some 400 years ago.

Where can one find a simple exposition of its its narrative, its scope and its influence? The Writing on the Wall provides a short, succinct response to this quest. Many reviewers agree and the book is alive with a medley of fascinating information. Richard Noble says: “The idea of using familiar everyday phrases which folk have no idea come from the Bible, as ‘keys’ to ‘unlock’ its contents came like a flash of inspiration. After some useful research, the book more or less wrote itself.” At this time of year Richard’s book would be a rewarding read in the season of Advent and an ideal choice for a Christmas present.

What do our readers think?

It isn't until someone does something like this that one realises the almost limitless depths of the King James Bible. … Richard Noble's remarks on his extractions are brilliant – quite exceptional and quite enthralling. And of great use when writing sermons! Ronald Blythe, columnist for The Church Times

For Christians and non-Christians alike, historians and linguists and those who have an inquiring mind: this book is a delight to dip into or to immerse oneself in. For each book of the King James Bible one is treated to a well-known phrase in the English vocabulary, its original context and its relevance through history to the modern world. ...where do phrases such as 'the blind leading the blind', 'the writing on the wall' and 'wheels within wheels' originally come from? In his relaxed and informative style Richard Noble treats you to the answers. Each chapter whets the appetite for the next...... We are also given wonderfully succinct and useful summaries of the composition and chronology of the Old Testament, the relevance of the Intertestamental Period and the amazing story of God's revelation in the New Testament. Garden Girl on Amazon

What an intriguing book. We can't recall reading another book quite like it. We found out things that we never knew before. We couldn't believe how many day to day sayings have their source in the bible. Moreover it is obvious that Richard has thoroughly researched his subject. ... It's the type of book that you think you might not read all the way through in one go, but use more as a reference book but actually once you started you just had to keep on looking at what else the book contained. However it is definitely a book that you are likely to refer back to. Rob and Jean Clark on Amazon

Clichés, expressions, and idioms, they can be the apple of your eye, or a thorn in your flesh – but do you know where these seemingly meaningless phrases originate? If not, this is the perfect book to guide you … Those unfamiliar with the King James Bible need not be put off, as Noble’s analysis assumes no familiarity with the scriptures on the part of the reader … an ideal bookshelf addition for Christians, non-Christians, historians, linguists, wordsmiths, and those who are simply fascinated by phrases. The Writing on the Wall is the perfect book to expand your understanding of the English language – a truly inestimable treasure. Jude on Goodreads

This is a fascinating book. It would be a great gift, and not just for Christians, but for anyone who loves the language of the bible … The introductions to the books of the Bible are well researched and concise, inspiring the reader to pick up a bible and read more, and the vignettes about the chosen phrases are memorable and draw on a huge frame of reference in political, social and literary life. This is the kind of book you could buy to read yourself, and then when you've finished, leave it lying around for others to pick up and be fascinated by. AllyB on Amazon


Richard Noble's The Writing on the Wall is our #BookOfTheMonth for October. Get your copy now for just £7.99, and keep your eyes peeled for Richard's blog later in the month!

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