December #ThemeOfTheMonth: Approaching Christmas as Pilgrims

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What would it look like if we slowed down this holiday season? What if, instead of treating Advent as an obstacle race – with so many ‘to do’s’ to tick off, so many events to attend, so many awkward relationships to navigate – we approached it as a kind of Pilgrimage leading to the Christ child in the manger? Find out what two of our authors have to say about this during the course of December as part of our #ThemeOfTheMonth

Stephen Platten, author of Pilgrims: Pathways of Christian Life, discusses the centrality of pilgrimage to both the Christmas story and the history of Christianity in the British Isles. 

This is a thoughtful and energetic book, for and about Christian pilgrims and their various tracks around Britain.

Robin Gill, Theology

Gavin Wakefield, author of Saints and Holy Places of Yorkshire: A Pilgrims' Guide to God's Own County, weaves together the message of Christmas and the discipline of pilgrimage.

“This excellent book meant that I could imaginatively undertake a virtual pilgrimage without ever stepping outside my own front door. … This book can help the people of Yorkshire, and people who love Yorkshire, to understand our Christian heritage.”

The Archbishop of York

Gavin Wakefield has given us a delightful, devotional travel guide to Yorkshire. Packed full of fascinating anecdotes and stories, it inspires and challenges in equal measure. Written in bite-sized chunks, it’s a great companion to one’s daily prayers and a lovely gift to be shared.

The Bishop of Selby, The Rt Revd Dr John Thomson

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