Book Launch: Christian and Sikh

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The Sikh Christian Forum invites you to the (virtual) book launch for Christian and Sikh: A Practical Theology of Multiple Religious Participation by John Barnett.

Thursday 4 March 2021 at 7pm (please arrive a few minutes early)

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Note: The discount code mentioned in the video was only available to anyone who joined the launch live.

This book gives unprecedented practical content to the reality of multiple religious participation. The author, a Christian priest, has spent several years worshipping as a Sikh in Wolverhampton while continuing in his Christian ministry, and has made this the basis of a sustained piece of description and reflection. His frank presentation of the challenges and the joys he encountered is in places deeply personal but also engages with the expectations of the communities with which he was involved, and the widest themes of religious identity and loyalty. The author’s own experience is supplemented by interviews with others who relate to both Sikhi and Christianity, by focus groups with colleagues, and by wide reading related to the issues involved. He encourages us to take part in similar boundary-crossing, reflecting in our own lives the self-giving friendliness of God.

John Barnett’s book, Christian and Sikh, is available now from Sacristy Press.

Drawing from deep wells of experience and scholarship, John offers a fresh theological approach of friendship and friendliness as he explores his time of multi-religious participation. This book adds a personal and pastoral perspective on the practice of interfaith engagement and will be a helpful guide for those wishing to connect more deeply with people from different faith traditions.

Jessica Foster, Tutor in Interfaith Engagement, Queen’s Foundation

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