Vintage hymns: past their sell-by date?

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BOOK LAUNCH: Have the hymns we grew up with passed their sell-by date?

Join musician and author Gillian Warson for the launch of her new book Using Vintage Hymns in Worship live at 8pm BST on Monday 12 July 2021 when she will be joined by Michael Garland of the Hymn Society.

Many people consider hymn singing an important part of a cultural tradition which should remain unchanged. Others feel that, with evolving sentiments and social mores, many hymns no longer have a place in our churches and hymn books. What happens if a hymn we particularly value for its beauty of language or the reputation of its writer voices sentiments which are now considered offensive? Or, can we continue to tolerate hymns which perpetuate the idea that one race is superior to another? Do we alter the words of such a hymn, or allow it to quietly disappear from the living tradition?

You can watch the book launch live on YouTube or Facebook at 8pm BST on Monday 12 July 2021. Copies of Using Vintage Hymns in Worship are available to buy now online.

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