Gospel of the Trinity: Exploring the Gospel of John


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Format: Paperback (198 pages)

Publisher: Sacristy Press

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ISBN: 978-1-78959-282-5

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John’s Gospel is like no other. Uniquely, its principal question is the identity of Jesus as the Word made flesh, full of grace and truth. It records a growing stand-off and enmity between the Jewish leaders and Jesus, as Jesus provokes their prejudices and challenges their power base.

In this exploration of the Gospel, Patrick Whitworth shows that it is the relationship of Jesus with the Father and the Spirit that sets this Gospel apart. In no other Gospel is that relationship so carefully explored, explained and demonstrated. And as the Gospel moves to its conclusion through the Upper Room discourses and prayer, the full mystery and panoply of these relationships in the Trinity are made clear as the springboard for the mission of the Church. A thought-provoking reflection on the most profound of all the Gospels.

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