Seeing Light: A Critical Enquiry into the Origins of Resurrection Faith


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Format: Paperback (314 pages)

Publisher: Sacristy Press

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ISBN: 978-1-78959-047-0

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Christians proclaim the resurrection of Jesus. However, many think it is not worth a second thought. A few people may be mildly interested in the figure of Jesus and his teaching, but our modern world-view has no place for the idea of miraculous divine intervention in human affairs.

Seeing Light asks whether there is any basis for honestly and meaningfully affirming belief in the resurrection of Jesus today.

The book hits the problem head-on, starting with historical belief in Jesus’ resurrection, because, even if the resurrection never happened, it was certainly believed to have happened.

Peter Gant closely scrutinizes the evidence and pays particular attention to Jewish afterlife beliefs contemporary with Jesus. These include beliefs about rewards for righteous martyrs and the hoped-for coming of a mighty heavenly being who would rescue the Jewish people from their enemies and establish a golden era of social justice and peace.

The earliest Christian evidence is reassessed and graded, with the greatest weight being accorded to the earliest and most reliable testimony. The picture that emerges is sharply at variance with traditional, gospel-based accounts of the resurrection of Jesus.

So, can modern Christians honestly affirm that God raised Jesus from the dead? “Yes” says the author, “providing they understand that divine revelation is mediated through the God-given perception of significance latent in historical events.”

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