Alan M. Suggate

Alan M. Suggate is a classicist, theologian and Anglican. From long experience, he draws together his reflections on our culture and the Christian faith. He taught Classics in state schools, Religious Studies in the College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham, and Theology in the University of Durham.

Photograph of Alan M. Suggate

Truth in a Neoliberal World: Navigating Challenges and Rediscovering Humanism

What challenges are Christians facing at the beginning of 2024, asks Alan M. Suggate, author of Living Culture, Living Christ. At the heart of the challenges facing our planet in 2024 is the issue of truth. Truth is not an abstraction, but rooted in practical experience. It aims to grasp down-t…

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Living Culture, Living Christ?

GUEST BLOG: author Alan Suggate talks us through the thinking behind his new book, Living Culture, Living Christ. For four decades our culture has experienced deepening division and distrust, made all the worse because we are scarcely aware of our predicament. Impersonal science (including the …

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