​Barbara Glasson

​Barbara Glasson is a Methodist Minister and author, currently teaching pastoral theology at the Queen's Foundation, Birmingham. Throughout her diverse ministry, Barbara has developed "listening spaces" particularly for abuse survivors and remains an advocate for good pastoral practice in faith communities. Barbara was President of the Methodist Conference in 2019-20.

Photograph of ​Barbara Glasson

Piecing Together Peace: Faith, transformation, and the restoration of broken narratives

Barbara Glasson, President of the Methodist Peace Fellowship and author of Peace is a Doing Word, encourages us to reconsider the rhetoric of war and engage in the ongoing, often challenging work of shaping a more peaceful world. In the current international climate, we may despair of there eve…

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The Mystery and Magic of Writing

GUEST BLOG: Barbara Glasson, author of Writing the Wisdom: creative writing as healing from childhood trauma, discusses the importance of writing for the human spirit. Writing is a mystery. I have written nearly ten books but have very little recollection of writing any of them! Words come…

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