Benjamin Carter

Photograph of Benjamin Carter

Benjamin Carter is the Vicar of the Parishes by the Wall in the Diocese of Newcastle, which take in many of the most famous sections of Hadrian’s Wall. There he has developed a new pattern of Church called “God’s Tent” which pitches a bell tent in the landscape as a location and focus for worship. Prior to ordination Benjamin taught history and philosophy at Bristol University; he is currently an Associate Tutor and Board Member of the Lindisfarne College of Theology.

Photo: Sarah Smith Mirror Image Photography

Finding God Pitched Among Us

GUEST BLOG: Benjamin Carter heads to the countryside (in spirit, at least) to explain the origins of God’s Tent, an exciting new pattern for rural church mission. If I look out of my study window, I can see a small knot of tress on the skyline. If you squint, you can just about see…

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