Marcus K. Paul

Photograph of Marcus K. Paul

Marcus Paul has two degrees in English and history and has enjoyed a life-long career working with students and sixth formers in universities and schools in three continents. He now spends his time writing and speaking about the Gospel and the Church, as well as painting and reading. He also enjoys rock climbing and travel - having had (as a young man) the now nearly impossible experience of hitch-hiking ‘on a shoestring’  ten thousand miles round Africa and the Near East.

Justice: Passing Fad or Immovable Truth?

GUEST BLOG: As part of our #ThemeOfTheMonth focus on injustice Marcus K. Paul, author of The Evil that Men Do, discusses historic and modern understandings of injustice. There’s something about injustice that gets to nearly everybody. A sense of justice seems to be at the core of hum…

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Religious Freedom Day 2019: Stories of Persecution and Tolerance

GUEST BLOG: On Religious Freedom Day, Marcus K. Paul, author of The Evil That Men Do: Faith, Injustice and the Church, explores the issue of Christian persecution abroad. Image: The death of Thomas Cranmer at the stake, burned for heresy in 1556. Woodcut. Wellcome Collection (P…

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Easter: The Most Extraordinary Celebration of All

GUEST BLOG: How should we celebrate Easter? Marcus Paul explores the difficulties faced by Christians in properly observing this feast in today's world. Marcus is the author of The Evil That Men Do: Faith, Injustice and the Church, which has been selected as our Book of the Month for April 2…

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Lest we forget: lessons for Europe from the First World War

GUEST BLOG: Marcus Paul reflects upon the spiritual impact of the First World War. On the day that Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon is triggered by Theresa May, and battles continue to rage back and forth over the merit or otherwise of our place in the European Union, it is worth remembe…

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