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Peter Sills was born in north London, and after an initial career teaching law at Kingston University, during which he was called to the Bar, he was ordained in 1981. He served in three parishes in south London before being appointed a Canon of Ely Cathedral, where he was Vice-Dean from 2003-2008. Peter’s interest in the public aspects of faith and in Benedictine spirituality led to the foundation of the Ely Business Ethics Forum, which has since morphed into the Ely Cathedral Business Group. He gained his PhD in 2000 for a study of the ethics of the privatization of natural monopoly industries in the UK, and his publications include The Time Has Come, a Lenten journey through St Mark’s gospel, Your Kingdom Come, reflections on faith, justice and hope, and the Scala Souvenir Guide to Ely Cathedral. Now retired, Peter continues his Benedictine work from his home in Sussex.

Light in the Darkness: Exploring the Path of Christian Hope

GUEST BLOG: Taking to heart the petition in the Lord’s Prayer that God’s Kingdom shall come on earth as it is in heaven Peter Sills asks: What does it mean for human society, and for us individually, if we really want heaven on earth? In Light in the Darkness, I explore seven basic …

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The Christian Hope for Today

GUEST BLOG: There is much to depress us in today’s world, but Peter Sills explains why his Christian faith sustains his hope for the future. The Advent Antiphons have been described as some of the most beautiful prayers ever written. I can’t remember when I first came acro…

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Theonomics: Putting the Horse Back in Front of the Cart

GUEST BLOG: Peter Sills examines how Christianity can help us all to reconnect economics with virtue and integrity in the modern world. Wherever you look, economics dominates our lives. The Brexit debate is largely conducted in economic terms; the way we structure health and social services and…

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Is the Autumn Statement “just”? A Theonomic perspective

A guest blog post by Peter Sills, editor of Theonomics. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, delivered his Autumn Statement yesterday. Peter Sills asks whether the measures announced promote justice and solidarity, two of the key messages in Theonomics: Reconnecting Economics…

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