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If you have a brand new e-book reader (such as a Kindle, Kobo or iPad) this Christmas, why not try out some of our fabulous e-books on it? Below you will find handy links to some of our best-selling titles!

The Blue Pencil

A gripping WWII drama about government lies in the run-up to war.

Kindle | iTunes | Kobo | WHSmith £3.99

A Stranger in Bethlehem

Beautiful illustrated poetry for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.

Kindle | iTunes | Kobo | WHSmith £2.99

Faith in the Age of Science

Are science and faith compatible? This fascinating book takes a look at the arguments.

Kindle | iTunes | Kobo | WHSmith £4.99

Beond Busyness

Time wisdom for ministry. Perfect for the busy vicar or minister this Christmas!

Kindle | iTunes | Kobo | WHSmith £4.99

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