Fierce Love: Music Leads A Lost Child Home

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British musician Adrian Snell returns to tell a life story that reflects the redemptive power of music… in surprising ways.

You will likely be familiar with the music of Adrian Snell. His long career in music saw the British artist and composer present works like The Passion, Alpha & Omega, City Of Peace, and The Cry, music that explores the story and purpose of ‘Yeshua Hamashiach’ – Jesus the Messiah – as well as the passionate and unbreakable relationship between God and his children. From his earliest steps as a singer-songwriter with a unique sound, Adrian immersed himself in ever bigger stories. The Passion became a classic, from premiering on BBC Radio 1 to being performed by various groups, orchestras and choirs all over Europe. Alpha & Omega grew into one of his best-known works and one of the best-selling albums from a Christian artist in Europe. Adrian Snell developed his music ever further, exploring the unique place of the Jewish people in God’s story (City of Peace) as well as looking at life (and the darkest chapters of history) through the eyes of children in Song of an Exile and The Cry.

It seemed to be a career to treasure, spanning over two decades. But then, to the surprise of his audience, Adrian made a bold move. He stepped away from life as a touring and recording musician. The reasons were varied, but one important aspect was that Adrian had been on a journey of self-discovery and reflection, leading him into a new career as a music therapist.

Fast forward fifteen years, as Adrian Snell presents Fierce Love: Music Leads A Lost Child Home, to be published by Sacristy Press on 15 October 2020. For the first time, he tells the complete story that inspired his music as well as what led him into the field of music therapy and, ultimately, back to composing, recording and occasionally touring again.

I was a lost child, but I found a path forward as the recipient of fierce love and forgiveness.

Adrian Snell

Fierce Love is a disarmingly honest exploration that not only gives valuable insight into the world behind the music, but also the heart of a musician who experiences life as a lost child.

Adrian intertwines all the many strands of his musical and life story sharing his struggles growing up, becoming an artist and ultimately making the leap to music therapy. He shares insights on his faith and life lessons throughout, often invoking personal stories, making Fierce Love a highly relatable read.

You would not expect a child’s perspective to be at the heart of a musician’s story, but that is precisely what makes Fierce Love all the more special. Here is Adrian telling of how his childhood experiences impacted much of his later life. There are the children’s stories that informed many of his songs and projects along the way. And leading into the present, there are the stories of the children of Three Ways school in Bath as well as in Korce, Albania, where Adrian spends his time as a music therapist.

Fierce Love: Music Leads A Lost Child Home offers us a detailed look into the world of music therapy, which also led to new Adrian Snell music. It tells the stories behind the music, from the earliest to the most recent, making it essential reading for fans. It also shares vulnerable insights that we will all recognise if we struggle with anxiety, self-esteem and questions that come from faith colliding with life.

Above all, it is a story about the power of forgiveness. “I believe the acceptance of forgiveness, God’s, family and friends, self. This holds true over my own life and, I believe, as a result has a deep and healing influence upon the children I work with”, says Adrian. “I was a lost child, but I found a path forward as the recipient of ‘fierce love and forgiveness’. And as I write, this path is already leading me into perhaps the most exciting chapters in my composing and recording life…”

Fierce Love: Music Leads A Lost Child Home will be published in hardback by Sacristy Press on 15 October 2020. Pre-order your copy here!

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