March #BookOfTheMonth: God B.C.

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Our March #BookOfTheMonth, God B.C., makes for perfect Lenten reading.

“A classic of biblical interpretation”
Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury

“A gem of Old Testament introduction.  It is hard to image a better entry point into academic study of the Holy Bible for undergraduates.”
James E. Patrick

God B.C. is a clear and profound guide to the spiritual world of the Old Testament, providing a highly readable introduction to the nature of the God whom Jesus called “Father”. It charts the relationship between God and God’s people Before Christ, and how that relationship informs our understanding of grace.

The first edition was the Bishop of London’s Lent Book of 1977. This revised and much expanded work revisits the subject in the light of recent scholarship, enabling us to see how the whole Bible reveals the character of our humanity as well as that of God’s divinity.

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A gem of OT introduction. This remarkably effortless read crystallizes decades of deep engagement, both with the shifting hypotheses of biblical scholarship and with the profound pastoral needs of doubting believers amid inexplicable suffering. It is hard to image a better entry point into academic study of the HB for undergraduates.

James E. Patrick, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

God B.C. offers a clear articulation of the composition of the Old Testament and the development of Israel’s understanding of God, which links grace and covenant to the life, death and resurrection of Christ. This is a valuable and accessible introduction rooted in both historical scholarship and theological interpretation.

Mark Scarlata, The Church Times

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