October #ThemeOfTheMonth: Responses to Suffering

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In a world filled with so much suffering, how do we respond to our own pain? To that of others? Find out what two of our authors have to say about this during the course of October as part of our #ThemeOfTheMonth

Hilary Jane Hughes, the poet behind GASP!, invites us to contemplate the connection between fear and suffering and asks us how we can respond with faith, love and creativity to the challenges life throws our way.

Hilary has wonderful gifts of insight, empathy and compassion, all expressed in a way that challenges reactions, prods the conscience, feels the pain and encircles the reader with heavenly comfort.

Pam Rhodes, journalist, presenter, writer and speaker

The poems are so evocative; I “saw” what is actually there, but also saw what is beyond—contained in the very essence of the place itself, as each poem took its shape, came into being—places still continuing to be shaped and continuing to speak to those who visit.

Sue Whalley, worship leader and writer

Adrian Roberts, author of Out of the Whirlwind, takes us along on his personal journey towards letting go of the need to understand or explain suffering, instead embracing a focus on responding to suffering with love and compassion while accepting what he cannot know or understand of other’s experiences or the workings of God.

Adrian writes with courage and conviction, a love of scripture and theology, and is not afraid to place his own emotions and vulnerabilities into the proverbial light of day, so that we all can see what he is wrestling with. This is a story set in the midst of ordinary lives facing extraordinary challenges. Who hasn’t asked searching questions of God, and sought meaning in the apparent silences or glimpses of insight?

Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Ripon

A personal, honest and thoughtful book that weaves experience and theological reflection into a deeply moving reflection on suffering and hope.

Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds

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