Out of the Whirlwind: Innocent Pain as a Challenge to God

by and Helen-Ann Hartley (foreword)

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Format: Paperback (110 pages)

Publisher: Sacristy Press

Date of Publication:

ISBN: 978-1-78959-067-8

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A challenging and thoughtful reflection on the question of how a merciful God can allow evil.

Taking its inspiration from the Book of Job, Out of the Whirlwind reflects on the questions about the existence of a good and powerful God in the light of innocent suffering. The reflections range over personal reminiscence, a consideration of some traditional theodicies along with objections to them, and a couple of dream sequences, at the end of which, like Job himself in the biblical tale, the narrator receives God’s answer “out of the whirlwind”.

Although a few of the traditional arguments are found to be more or less convincing at an intellectual level, they fail to provide an emotionally compelling fundamental explanation for why things have to be the way they are, especially when considered at a point of personal crisis. However, through moments of despair and rage against God, the book ends on a note of comfort and hope. 

Out of the Whirlwind aims to bring some comfort to those whose questioning faith is troubled by the issues of evil and suffering in the world. It is also directed towards those who may be interested in the question of belief, but be put off by the obstacles which evil and suffering are perceived to present to the God of Christianity.

Adrian writes with courage and conviction, a love of scripture and theology, and is not afraid to place his own emotions and vulnerabilities into the proverbial light of day, so that we all can see what he is wrestling with. This is a story set in the midst of ordinary lives facing extraordinary challenges. Who hasn’t asked searching questions of God, and sought meaning in the apparent silences or glimpses of insight?
— From the foreword by Helen-Ann Hartley, Bishop of Ripon

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