The Missionary of Knowledge: Hastings Rashdall’s Life and Thoughts


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Format: Paperback (135 pages)

Publisher: Sacristy Press

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ISBN: 978-1-78959-334-1

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Hastings Rashdall (1858–1924) was not only one of the leading churchmen of his time, whose opinion on a range of issues carried weight and influence; he also made substantial and lasting contributions to three fields of knowledge –history, philosophy, and theology. Yet he is not much remembered in today’s Church, although the concerns he addressed and the solutions he proposed still have relevance to the challenges of articulating an intellectually convincing and spiritually satisfying Christian faith in the modern world.

This book, written to mark the centenary of Rashdall’s death, provides a brief and clear introduction to his thought, set in the historical context of his life and time. The opening chapters provide a biographical framework, drawing extensively on archival research. They are followed by separate accounts of his historical, philosophical, and theological work, concentrating on his many publications. Theory and practice come together in an exploration of Rashdall’s engagement with public life, and the book concludes with an assessment of what he might have to offer to today’s Church.

About the Author

Christopher Cunliffe is Archdeacon Emeritus of Derby. He retired in 2020 after an active ministry in national, diocesan, and university roles; particularly in those concerned with the support and professional development of clergy.

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