Privacy Policy for Authors

If you are one of our authors or contributors, we will use your personal information in a variety of ways in addition to those set out in our main Privacy Policy.

Please read this information carefully and contact us if you have any questions or wish to exercise your rights under the GDPR.

If you are not one of our authors or contributors, this Privacy Policy for Authors does not apply to you. Our main Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal information, including if you submit your manuscript to us for consideration.

Last updated 16 August 2018

You can contact us in the following ways:

Sacristy Ltd
PO Box 612
United Kingdom 

Telephone: +44 (0)191 303 8 313 

How we use authors’ information

Book Production

So that we can fulfil the contract to publish your book, we retain the personal information you provided in your submission, and any information subsequently provided, so that we can contact you to collaborate on your book. This may include sharing your contact information and manuscript with our freelance sub-contractors (e.g. proofreaders), but they will be subject to the same privacy controls we impose on ourselves. The information is held securely in our CRM system and will be deleted 5 years after your contract ends.

Book Marketing & Media

It is in the legitimate interests of both the author and publisher to promote their book as widely as possible. To facilitate this, we store personal information about our authors (including name, contact details, biographical information, and other information supplied by author) securely in our CRM and book management systems within the EEA. This includes information provided in your submission, and any information subsequently provided (for example in our author questionnaire).

  • Biographical information supplied by the author may be made publicly available or transmitted to third parties, for example in book descriptions (“blurb”), on our website, on social media, in press releases, in book metadata, or elsewhere.
  • Contact information may be provided to members of the media (usually on request), including those outside the EEA.

For example, we might write an author profile based on the biographical information you provide (or that we find in the public domain). The profile could be included on the back cover of your book. This would be transmitted to third parties (such as retailers) globally who might put this information on their website or re-transmit it to other third parties. We might also include it on our website.

The information will be deleted from our systems 5 years after your contract ends. Where information has been made available publicly, it may continue to reside on the systems of third parties over whom we have no control.

If you do not want specific pieces of information that you supply to us to be used in this way, please make this clear when you supply the personal information, or do not provide the information to us.

Paying Royalties

So that we can pay royalties on the copies of your book that are sold and send royalty statements (as detailed in your Author Agreement), we store your name, contact information and bank details securely in our book management system within the EEA. This information will be deleted from our systems one year after your contract ends. Your name and contact information will be used to send royalty statements, and your bank details will be used to make payment by BACS. This is necessary to fulfil the contract.

Author Newsletters

From time to time we will send you an Author Newsletter or other information by email. It is in our legitimate interests to keep you informed about changes at Sacristy Press and provide useful information (for example, marketing tips). It is in your legitimate interests to receive this information. You can opt out of these emails at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of one of the emails. Your name and email address will be sent to Campaign Monitor (based in Australia) who provide our mailing list software. Your data will be processed and retained by Campaign Monitor in accordance with their Privacy Policy, and might be transferred by them outside of the EEA.

Book Contents

The manuscript you supply to us might contain personal information. Because it is necessary under the contract to publish this material, it might enter the public domain and/or be used in the ways described above. Therefore it is important that you remove any personal information from the manuscript before sending it to us if you do not want this information to be published.

If your book contains the personal information of third parties, you are legally and contractually obliged to ensure that this does not infringe their privacy rights in any territory. The safest way to achieve this is to obtain their unambiguous consent to publish the information.

Who else processes your personal information?

Please read our main Privacy Policy to find out who else processes your personal information. Where personal information is transmitted to third parties (e.g. retailers or the media), they become the data controller and processor.

Your Rights

Your rights under the GDPR are explained on our main Privacy Policy

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