Guidelines for Authors

It is always exciting to start work on a new book, both for publisher and author. At Sacristy Press we hope to make the process as enjoyable for you as possible. These guidelines are designed to help us work together to achieve the best possible results for your book.

As an author, we expect you to submit your manuscript to us in compliance with these guidelines. Inevitably there will be occasions when mistakes are made, or when rules are broken for good reason and by mutual consent. It is the responsibility of the editor and proofreader to correct the former, and your responsibility to initiate discussions regarding the latter. Manuscripts that do not comply with these guidelines may be rejected for correction by the author, as per your Author Agreement.

Whilst we do not wish for technical considerations to get in the way of creativity, it is recommend that our house style be implemented from the outset to avoid delays in publishing your work; the task of updating your manuscript later in the process can be rather tedious. If there is some reason you have deviated from the style guide, please advise us at the point of submission.

Please read these guidelines in full before submitting your manuscript. If we offer you a publishing deal, your manuscript will need to be brought in line with these guidelines before the editing process begins, and it is important that you understand what this might entail.

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