Adrian Snell

Photograph of Adrian Snell

Adrian Snell is a composer, performer and music therapist He is known for albums such as The Passion, The Cry, Alpha + Omega, and Fierce Love, and has performed concerts across the world at venues including The Royal Albert Hall, Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Yad Vashem (Jerusalem), National Concert Hall (Dublin), and Washington National Cathedral (USA).

Adrian now practices as Music Therapist and Arts Therapy Consultant at Three Ways Academy, Opportunities Preschool, and Aspire Academy in his home town, Bath, where he works primarily with children and young people between the ages of four and nineteen with a variety of special needs.

Adrian returned to the concert stage in 2015 and now seeks to integrate his skills and experience as composer, performer, recording artist, communicator and music therapist.

More information about Adrian Snell can be found on his Wikipedia page.

Fierce Love: Why I wrote it

Adrian Snell is a well-known Christian singer-songwriter whose concerts and albums attract audiences across Europe. He is now a music therapist for children with special needs. Here he shares what inspired him to write his recent memoir, Fierce Love, and why words are so important. Langu…

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