Fierce Love: Why I wrote it

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Adrian Snell is a well-known Christian singer-songwriter whose concerts and albums attract audiences across Europe. He is now a music therapist for children with special needs. Here he shares what inspired him to write his recent memoir, Fierce Love, and why words are so important.

Language and words surely rank among the most beautiful aspects of God’s creation. I have used words in a variety of ways throughout my life, seeking to convey emotions and messages, especially in songs. The words my parents used to instil their love and wisdom in me have stood the test of time. The words I read in the Old and New Testaments have resonated in my heart, providing me with an eternal context for the peaks and valleys of life. For me, it is the language of music that has done much of the talking over the years. It has become more than expressions and interpretations of moments, thoughts, sentiments or theology. As life swirls and sways along sometimes unexpected paths, the songs and albums have become like signposts on a journey, communicating what I have found hard to put into words while living it.

More recently, I have witnessed the redemptive nature of music in new and unexpected ways. And people close to me challenged me with an intriguing prospect: to write a book that could not only serve as a telling of my story, but that could hopefully share some insights along the way. Putting words to the many experiences—as a child, a father, an artist and in all of this as a person of faith, seemed like a daunting task. But the key turned out to be what words like “journey”, “story”, “love” and “forgiveness” have come to mean for me. I do believe these words can rightly apply to the chapters that lie ahead. Why? Because with every one of us, through place and circumstance of birth and upbringing, relationships, parenthood, as well as cultural, social, environmental, political and religious influences, our narrative is formed. These are the things that shape our lives and determine the person we become, and the thousands of daily events and experiences form the canvas for the ordinary and extraordinary stories we live and then tell. Our lives are often a smaller representation of a bigger story. And all our stories are worth telling.

Words matter. Without them, we are impelled to seek out other ways to speak the language of our hearts. I hope that in reading this, you will find the words that speak to yours.

This is an extract from Fierce Love: Music Leads a Lost Child Home, a book that chronicles the life and music of composer and performing and recording artist Adrian Snell. Adrian shares the personal experiences and places that inspired his work, including timeless compositions like The PassionAlpha + Omega and City of Peace. It is available in hardback, paperback and e-book. Order your copy today!

Image: Adrian Snell performing in the Netherlands at the 30th anniversary concert of Alpha+Omega.

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