David R. Tomlinson

Photograph of David R. Tomlinson

David R. Tomlinson is Vicar of St Paul’s in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, and Chair of Thrive Together Birmingham. Previously he was Area Dean of Saffron Walden and Team Rector of the Saffron Walden and Villages Team Ministry in North West Essex within the Diocese of Chelmsford. Prior to that appointment he spent ten years as Vicar of Grays North, including five years as Area Dean of Thurnock.

In over 25 years of ordained ministry he has led four major building projects and extensive change management. As both invariably generate tensions, he has a particular interest in how to lead a church though conflict and how to resolve disagreements.

David is married to Jenny, who is also ordained, and they have two adult children.

Godliness... and Gary Lineker

GUEST BLOG: David R. Tomlinson, author of Living for Love, shares his thoughts on the Gary Lineker row and the government’s new refugee policy. The furore surrounding Gary Lineker’s now famous tweet about the Home Secretary’s language having disturbing echoes of the 1930s Nazi…

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Loving a World in Crisis

GUEST BLOG: David Tomlinson introduces us to his new book Living for Love. Part theological treatise, part manifesto, Living for Love is a book for our times and an urgent read for all Christians concerned with the state of our world and in search of hope for our shared future.…

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July #BookOfTheMonth: Leading a Church to Maturity in Love

Is it a white candlestick or the outline of two black faces opposite each other? Or is it both? This picture is designed to make you wonder. When you first see it you are likely to see one and, try as you can, you cannot see the other. At this stage you might be quite adamant that what you see…

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Covid-19 and the Eucharist

GUEST BLOG: David R. Tomlinson considers the role of the Eucharist in the Church’s ongoing response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Liturgically and theologically, it offers a valuable framework for reflection, grief, and hope for the future. Colin, the head of the Community of the Servant…

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Two Tribes, the Queen, a Process and a Model

GUEST BLOG: David R. Tomlinson, author of Leading a Church to Maturity in Love, uses the topic of Brexit to explore the issue of tribalism within the Church. Heading out for my church’s Men’s Christmas Supper, I had decided not to raise the hot topic of Brexit. Memories of the la…

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