Graham Turner

Photograph of Graham Turner

For over thirty years, Graham Turner has served in a variety of parishes, mostly in urban neighbourhoods. Through community enterprises and businesses he has worked tirelessly to help overcome social injustice while also exploring a range of Christian traditions to help deepen his own faith as well as that of others.

After an initial engineering apprenticeship and obtaining an electronics degree, Turner studied theology to enter the Anglican ministry. He is now a full-time chaplain at a public-sector prison in the North West of England.

Graham Turner: My Experience of Prayer

GUEST BLOG: In a deeply moving personal account, Graham Turner reveals his experience of prayer. Graham is author of Alternative Collects: Prayers to a Disruptive & Compassionate God. A little while ago I was asked by my local church if I would say something about my experience of prayer. It …

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The Inside Story on Alternative Collects

GUEST BLOG: Graham Turner reveals the story behind his radical new prayers, which will both challenge and nourish. The most important things in life are often messy and require our attention. Sadly, we do not always give these the time they deserve. I find that prayer is just like this; it a mess…

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Alternative Collects: Prayers to a Disruptive & Compassionate God

Graham Turner reveals why and how he wrote these radical new prayers, which will both challenge and nourish. Some of us have grown up with the church’s weekly collects and have taken them for granted as part of the liturgy. Others have stumbled into them when they joined a congregation that…

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Can anything good come out of Washington?

GUEST BLOG: Graham Turner, priest and author of God's People and the Seduction of Empire: Hearing God's call in the modern age, offers his perspective on current global events, and reflects upon the importance of faith in response to the demands of empire.  Hopefully we are all appalled by t…

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