The Coronavirus and Liminal Space

Added about 4 years ago by Graham Turner

WATCH: How do we make sense of what is happening to us as a world community as the coronavirus spreads across the globe?

For over thirty years, Graham Turner has served in a variety of parishes, mostly in urban neighbourhoods. Through community enterprises and businesses he has worked tirelessly to help overcome social injustice while also exploring a range of Christian traditions to help deepen his own faith as well as that of others. After an initial engineering apprenticeship and obtaining an electronics degree, he studied theology to enter the Anglican ministry. He is now a full-time chaplain at a public-sector prison in the North West of England.

Graham is the author of two books published with Sacristy Press: God’s People and the Seduction of Empire, an accessible, radical and rare example of the vitality and relevance of both the Old and New Testaments; and Alternative Collects, a collection of radical prayers break the mould of the “collect” prayers that are so familiar to millions of Christians worldwide.

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