Hilary Jane Hughes

Photograph of Hilary Jane Hughes

Hilary Jane Hughes was born in Essex and became a Christian in her teenage years. Having suffered abuse within the family during her childhood, she began to write as a means of letting her feelings out.

After completing teacher training, Hilary married Mike. They initially taught and lived in London, before moving to North Yorkshire where they settled. Having struggled with infertility, anxiety and insomnia—and sometimes her faith—Hilary returned to writing, initially as a therapy, but also as a vocation. She contributes regularly to services and events, and runs workshops and writing groups.

In 2009, Hilary left classroom teaching and retrained to teach English as a foreign language. She delivers lessons to students in Harrogate, as well as working individually with language learners from Europe and the Far East.

Hilary has two children and two grandchildren. She supports projects in Thailand and Vietnam, where she travels regularly. As an established poet, she enjoys to write about wild places, cities, people, events, faith and pain—asking questions and trying to find answers. In addition to writing, Hilary enjoys photography and card design, and trying new ways of generating good quality and accessible poems.

Fear In One Hand, Faith In the Other

GUEST BLOG: As part of our October #ThemeOfTheMonth poet Hilary Jane Hughes encourages us to explore the connection between suffering and fear and draw hope from the ways our life can improve when we meet fear with love, faith, and creativity. As we turn to Autumn, and all that may unfold …

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Writing as Sanctuary during COVID-19

GUEST BLOG: During these strange and testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many expectations have been removed from our lives, walking and writing have been a sanctuary for #BookOfTheMonth author Hilary Jane Hughes. Increasingly, I’ve been encouraging others recently to express the…

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Introducing: GASP!

GUEST BLOG: Hilary Jane Hughes, author of GASP!, explores the what, when and how of her writing experience. GASP! is my latest book, connecting the reader with some of my passions: faith, landscape, family, language, social justice, and travel. I’m a teacher and author living in Nor…

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