Su Reid

Su Reid grew up in Nottingham, where her father was an Anglican Lay Reader, and then read English at St Anne’s College, Oxford University. She lectured at Aberdeen University for seven years before moving with her husband, a sociologist, to Teesside University where she eventually became Dean of the School of Arts and Media. Su spent some years worshipping as a Quaker, but returned to Anglicanism after women were ordained as priests, and trained as a Lay Reader. She is now Sub-Warden of Readers in Stokesley Deanery in the Diocese of York.

Brexit Blog: “I will pray for you” is not enough

Su Reid shares her thoughts on the EU referendum. I spent the morning Referendum Day in a seminar with young ordinands undertaking brief placements in poor urban parishes in Middlesbrough, an area which voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. We discussed the difficulties middle-class suburban cong…

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