John the Baptist is No-Platformed by the Student Union and Puts Out a Statement

Added about 8 months ago by Richard S. Briggs

I am John the Baptist
Let me set the record straight
It’s always been quite clear what I believe.
With no false intent did I
Accept the invitation to
Address the Christian Union mission week.
I never once intended
To address the matters raised
In this travesty of full and frank debate—
None of these were on my mind:
Not race, and never gender,
Nor self-identifications
With which I was not familiar
And I have no real desire
To be dragged into debate
Since all I have to say to you is this:
I want to say the kingdom
Awaits in expectation
Judgment is at hand and yet
All of this is good for us.

Good news?!
They did not believe me

This poem is taken from the collection Not of This Worldview: Poetry for the Kingdom Among Us by Richard S. Briggs – get your copy to find out how John the Baptist got on with the Mothers Union...

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