Katharine Tiernan

Photograph of Katharine Tiernan

Katharine Tiernan is a Northumbrian by birth and spent many childhood afternoons on the shores of Lindisfarne. She studied English Literature at York University and worked as a teacher and community artist. By the turn of the millennium, both Katharine and her Australian husband were hankering for the wide-open spaces of the north and moved back to Northumberland. There she wrote her first novel, Place of Repose: A Tale of St Cuthbert’s Last Journey.

Cuthbert of Farne sees Katharine return to the Anglo-Saxon world of early Christianity. It reflects her interests in literature, spirituality and the inspirational landscape of the north.

What Bede Didn’t Tell Us: Writing Cuthbert of Farne

GUEST BLOG: St Cuthbert has always been a part of Katharine Tiernan's life, as for so many others growing up in the north-east. But what prompted her to write Cuthbert of Farne? During my childhood in North Northumberland in the fifties and sixties, St Cuthbert was a familiar background pres…

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