Kevin Carey

Kevin Carey is the Chairman of RNIB, the UK's leading blindness charity, and a Reader in his parish church. He has been a Member of General Synod, and is a chorister, theologian, novelist, and classical music critic.

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The enduring value of the Book of Common Prayer

GUEST BLOG: #BookOfTheMonth author Kevin Carey explores the enduring appeal of the old familiarity of the Book of Common Prayer. Since the arrival of the Alternative Service Book and then Common Worship, many have assumed that the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is now only used for Matins and…

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The Crucifixion: a personal or public matter?

GUEST BLOG: Is the Crucifixion a personal or public matter? Kevin Carey, author of Cross Purposes, reveals his thoughts. The tragedy of Reformation Protestantism is that it both confirmed and then gave new impetus to the notion that Christianity fundamentally concerns the relationship between God…

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Why do we need a Parish Passion Play anyway?

Kevin Carey reflects upon the inspiration behind his work and the challenges of writing his Passion Play for parish churches.  If what we do in church is more a matter of accident and tradition than design, this is even more so in how we celebrate Christian events outside church: Mediev…

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Kevin Carey: Bringing the Passion narrative to life

How did author Kevin Carey bring the Passion narrative to life in Parish Passion Play? He reveals all in the foreword to the work... This Parish Passion Play is written primarily for people who can read well but have never acted. My hope is that it will be read during Holy Week. …

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Brexit Blog: A nasty campaign

Kevin Carey (Chairman of RNIB) shares his thoughts on the EU referendum.  It is massively ironic that Brexit took place a week before the commemoration of the Battle of the Somme. For Christians, pooled sovereignty is a formalist, shallow response to Jesus who called for love; but even at th…

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