Michael Sadgrove

Michael Sadgrove was Dean of Durham Cathedral between 2003 and 2015.

Photograph of Michael Sadgrove

10 Deadly Sins of Preaching

Preaching is an art form that can take years to master. In this extract from his book, Michael Sadgrove shares his experiences of what makes a bad sermon... Preaching is certainly our duty, and it is often our joy. But duty and joy are not by themselves enough. The answer must be,&nbs…

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An Easter Message

A very happy Easter to all our readers and authors from everyone from Sacristy Press! As our Easter gift to you, here’s an extract from a poignant Easter sermon by Michael Sadgrove, Dean Emeritus of Durham Cathedral, which can be found in full in his book Christ in a Choppie Box: Sermo…

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Michael Sadgrove: Advent and Christmas in Troubled Times

GUEST BLOG: In this extended Christmas blog, Michael Sadgrove considers what Advent and Christmas mean in these politically uncertain times.  Michael Sadgrove is the Dean Emeritus of Durham and author of Christ in a Choppie Box: Sermons from North East England. Pho…

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Brexit Blog: An Unknown Future

Michael Sadgrove, former Dean of Durham, shares his views on the EU referendum.  In Christ in a Choppie Box I included a sermon preached in Germany on the anniversary of the allied bombing of Lübeck in 1942. I said: “A united democratic Europe is our best hope for peace in a world…

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Black Friday to Good Friday

Michael Sadgrove, in this guest blog, reflects on the annual pre-Christmas sport that is Black Friday In America it is Thanksgiving Day. It was one of the best ideas of the founding fathers of the fledgling state, to take a day each year to focus on gratitude for all that is lovely and goo…

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