All Hail the Glorious Night (and other Christmas poems): The Complete Christmas Poetry of Kevin Carey

by and Kevin Sheehan (illustrator)

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Format: Paperback (392 pages)

Publisher: Sacristy Press

Date of Publication:

ISBN: 978-1-78959-051-7

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Christmas has inspired the writers of poems, songs and carols for two millennia. While the words and tunes of familiar carols are an essential part of Christmas, there is also a need for new words and reflections on this most inspirational of seasons.

This book brings together Kevin Carey’s previous four volumes of illustrated Christmas poetry with a new collection of vibrant lyric poetry that will delight those eager to renew their Christmas spirit.

That wondrous night our Saviour came
All earthly rules were set at nought
A new made star and angel flame,
A stable for a royal court.

This book is a perfect Christmas gift, containing over 230 poems that guide us through from Advent to Christmas and Epiphany. Scattered throughout the text are illustrations by Kevin Sheehan.

Kevin Carey is a Reader in his parish church, and is also a chorister, theologian, novelist, and classical music critic. He was a Member of General Synod, Chairman of RNIB (the UK’s leading blindness charity) and, until retirement in 2018, an IT consultant specialising in assistive technology for disadvantaged people.

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